Gyppzy is Live Now!

ImageYES! It’s live now. We were able to release MVP (Minimum Viable Product) ¬†last week. Now it’s open for Early Adopter invitations. Of course, you can explore the site without being an early adopter. But if you are an early adopter, you guys are the first to know about our releases and promotions.

However, What is Gyppzy? Typically, when you travel around Sri Lanka it’s hard to find ‘things to do’ (activities) according to your preference in particular destination. Gyppzy can help you to find out cool activities in each district/destination. So you can plan your trip prior to your journey. Not only that you will get special discount from some places.

So, with the MVP(Current version) you can explore some activities in Kandy district. By the end of next month our target is to cover more than 1000 experiences around Sri Lanka. You also can be a part of our journey. We will announce Gyppzy ambassador program soon. So be a part of it and help your community. Keep calm and explore Gyppzy.

Request an Invitation to be an Early Adopter from the following link :

Or directly login and continue explore with Gyppzy from the following link.

See following screen shots and inspire your self to use it ūüėČ and don’t forget to leave a feedback.

Home page :

mainLogin Page :


Kandy ‘Things to do’ page


4+1 Software Architectural View Model

Last weekend we in Square Mobile tech team had first technical meeting for our newest product. The first lesson I learned from  our technical adviser is 4+1 view model in Software Architecture. Honestly I do not know about it earlier. It was the first time I heard about it.

Why is it and What is it?

In software world, project team may¬†consist¬†of different kind of stake¬†holders.¬†There are developers, project managers, business anaysts, marketing people, etc. So the¬†purpose¬†of having different kind of view models is to get understand about the system according to their interest. Let’s talk about those view models in details. Continue Reading

Getting Started with Raspberry pi

Raspi-PGB001-300x267Raspberry Pi is a tiny mini computer that will make a new¬†revolution¬†in the future world. Thanks to WSO2Con I got a free Raspberry Pi. It’s super awesome. I¬†really¬†love it. We can just plug and play with this device. But you should have some accessories to get started. Currently there are two Raspberry Pi models¬†available¬†in the market. They are Model A($25) and Model B($35). The major different of these two models are Model A has 256MB RAM, one USB port and no Ethernet port, Model B has 512MB RAM, 2 USB ports and and an Ethernet port. If you are a hacker its good to buy a Model B. I got a free Raspberry Pi Model B device at WSO2Con.

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Debug Java applications remotely with Eclipse

This feature really helps me to find some bugs in my code in an easy way. I have tried this for WSO2 appfactory server and its no meter it will work for any of WSO2 products and other servers too.

First you need to start the server in debug mode. For WSO2 carbon server go to bin directory and type following command in the terminal.

./ –debug 5005 . You can use different port number for this.

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Setting up LDAP user store with Apache Directory Studio

What is LDAP ? A basic idea.

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol(LDAP) is a client-server protocol for accessing directory protocol. It runs over TCP, typically in 389 port. A directory is an organized set of records. For an example a telephone directory is a set of subscribers with address and telephone numbers. An LDAP directory can be distributed among many servers on a net work.

Following image will help you to get a basic idea how it works.

Further more reference : Wikipedia :

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Execute Commands After You Exit From a Shell Prompt

Most of the time you may have to login to a remote server via a SSH and multiple commands need to execute in the same time. If you can not open multiple shell prompt tabs it is not posible to run them in the same time. So if you get exit from the command prompt the excution get killed. So better thing to do is run the excution in background. So Linux has a good option for this. Its nohup command.


nohup command-name &

Apache Lovers in Hill Country – Apache MeetUp, Kandy

We had an amazing Apache barcamp event in Colombo at UCSC. It was about mentoring talks for Apache and Open Source contribution. But of lots of people out side from Colombo did not get a chance to participate that event. That’s why we requested for an Apache Event for Kandy people. Yeah We Got It !!

We will have the Apache MeetUp in Kandy on 28th of April at Faculty of Engineering premises in UOP. This is the biggest Open Source Event will be happening in Kandy after a long time. Kandy has good histroy with FOSS. LKLUG was intieated in Kandy Some time ago. So our effort is to tune up that FOSS trend again in Kandy area.

Bellow poster will help you to get a idea about the event. There are limited seats availbale for the event. So participators must be registered befor 25th of April. Link is given billow.

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