Setting up LDAP user store with Apache Directory Studio

What is LDAP ? A basic idea.

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol(LDAP) is a client-server protocol for accessing directory protocol. It runs over TCP, typically in 389 port. A directory is an organized set of records. For an example a telephone directory is a set of subscribers with address and telephone numbers. An LDAP directory can be distributed among many servers on a net work.

Following image will help you to get a basic idea how it works.

Further more reference : Wikipedia :

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Execute Commands After You Exit From a Shell Prompt

Most of the time you may have to login to a remote server via a SSH and multiple commands need to execute in the same time. If you can not open multiple shell prompt tabs it is not posible to run them in the same time. So if you get exit from the command prompt the excution get killed. So better thing to do is run the excution in background. So Linux has a good option for this. Its nohup command.


nohup command-name &