Setting up LDAP user store with Apache Directory Studio

What is LDAP ? A basic idea.

The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol(LDAP) is a client-server protocol for accessing directory protocol. It runs over TCP, typically in 389 port. A directory is an organized set of records. For an example a telephone directory is a set of subscribers with address and telephone numbers. An LDAP directory can be distributed among many servers on a net work.

Following image will help you to get a basic idea how it works.

Further more reference : Wikipedia :

What is Apache Directory Studio?

 Apache Directory Studio is Eclipse based LDAP browser and a directory client. Its is basically designed to work with ApacheDS.

You can get more idea from the product site. Here it is.

Ask Google. You can find many more resources related to these topics. Well.. Lets move in to the main topic of this post.

1. Install Apache Directory Studio.

First of all downlaod the Apache Directory Studio from here. Then unzip the downloaded file. Next go to the Apache Directory Studio folder and start the IDE.

Commands :

tar -xvzf ApacheDirectoryStudio-linux-x86_64-1.5.3.v20100330.tar.gz


2. Setup a new Server

2.1 Open Apache Directory Studio.

2.2 Go to File and select New, Then Select Apache DS Server under the Apache DS tab. Click Next. Then Give a name to the server and click Finish.

2.3 Then new server will be added to the Servers tab. By default it is not visible. To view the Server tab. Got to Window and select Show view. Then go to Others and select Servers.

3. Set up a Connection

3.1 First Connections tab to the IDE. For that got Window and select Show view as you did for the servers. Then Select Connections. Now you can see the Connections tab on the main window.

3.2 Then right click on it and select New Connection. Give a name to the connection, host name and the port. By default the port number is 10389. Click Next.

3.3 Then give the user and password details. Bind DN or user= uid=admin,ou=system and Bind password is secret. You can check whether given details are correct by click on Check Authentication.

Now you have created the server successfully. View the LDAP browser.

4. Add New User 

Right click on the ou=users and click New -> New Entry.

Select Create Entry from Scratch and click next. Then select “inetOrgPerson” from the left side and add it. Then give the values for attributes for the user. and click finish.

That’s it. Likewise you can add more users and attributes to the LDAP user store.


One thought on “Setting up LDAP user store with Apache Directory Studio

  1. Hi,
    I have 2 queries. Please can help or direct me regarding these: We are currently using WSO2 4.0 M8. We created some users and were using Apache Studio to view the Apache DS schema embedded in the WSO2 identity server
    We were able to see the user details, claims, uid etc. But, we are not able to see the gid (POSIX GID – Group id).
    And we were not able to add it as a new attribute as it is not displayed in the attribute Type list (drop down box). But the Schema Browser tab shows gidNumber attribute type in it.

    We want to view the GiDs of the users. Please do tell us a way to add gid as a new attribute so I can view the user’s Gid.

    2. Furthermore I also want to add PAM as an “ou” and use PAM for authentication and Mapping LDAP users to Linux user groups how can I go about this.
    Thanks in advance.

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