4+1 Software Architectural View Model

Last weekend we in Square Mobile tech team had first technical meeting for our newest product. The first lesson I learned from  our technical adviser is 4+1 view model in Software Architecture. Honestly I do not know about it earlier. It was the first time I heard about it.

Why is it and What is it?

In software world, project team may consist of different kind of stake holders. There are developers, project managers, business anaysts, marketing people, etc. So the purpose of having different kind of view models is to get understand about the system according to their interest. Let’s talk about those view models in details. Continue Reading


Execute Commands After You Exit From a Shell Prompt

Most of the time you may have to login to a remote server via a SSH and multiple commands need to execute in the same time. If you can not open multiple shell prompt tabs it is not posible to run them in the same time. So if you get exit from the command prompt the excution get killed. So better thing to do is run the excution in background. So Linux has a good option for this. Its nohup command.


nohup command-name &

Apache Lovers in Hill Country – Apache MeetUp, Kandy

We had an amazing Apache barcamp event in Colombo at UCSC. It was about mentoring talks for Apache and Open Source contribution. But of lots of people out side from Colombo did not get a chance to participate that event. That’s why we requested for an Apache Event for Kandy people. Yeah We Got It !!

We will have the Apache MeetUp in Kandy on 28th of April at Faculty of Engineering premises in UOP. This is the biggest Open Source Event will be happening in Kandy after a long time. Kandy has good histroy with FOSS. LKLUG was intieated in Kandy Some time ago. So our effort is to tune up that FOSS trend again in Kandy area.

Bellow poster will help you to get a idea about the event. There are limited seats availbale for the event. So participators must be registered befor 25th of April. Link is given billow.

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How to Create a HTTP Client

In this tutorial I am going to tell you how to access HTTP resources from a java class. I am using apache HTTP Client 4.2 libraries. I have developed a simple demo web app using HTTP GET method. In that application when you pass a sentence as parameter it gives how many words are in that sentence. You can check that web app following URL.

First you need to download the required library files from click on this link. Download the HttpClient 4.1.2(GA) binary file according to your operating system. If you are using linux machine download 4.1.2.tar.gz or if you are using windows machine download 4.1.2.zip file.  Then extract the zip file and go to lib folder. In there add httpclient and httpcore jar files to your libry path.

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