Apache Lovers in Hill Country – Apache MeetUp, Kandy

We had an amazing Apache barcamp event in Colombo at UCSC. It was about mentoring talks for Apache and Open Source contribution. But of lots of people out side from Colombo did not get a chance to participate that event. That’s why we requested for an Apache Event for Kandy people. Yeah We Got It !!

We will have the Apache MeetUp in Kandy on 28th of April at Faculty of Engineering premises in UOP. This is the biggest Open Source Event will be happening in Kandy after a long time. Kandy has good histroy with FOSS. LKLUG was intieated in Kandy Some time ago. So our effort is to tune up that FOSS trend again in Kandy area.

Bellow poster will help you to get a idea about the event. There are limited seats availbale for the event. So participators must be registered befor 25th of April. Link is given billow.


Event page : http://lanyrd.com/2012/apache-meetup-kandy/

Cheers !!


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